Digital marketing is an ever-changing landscape. Some small businesses might find it hard to keep up with the latest trends, but we should all be glad that the industry is moving in the right direction.

In the current state of affairs, content marketing is only effective if it manages to deliver what consumers want when they want it. And fortunately for those of you interested in video marketing, this format is absolutely stellar in maintaining relevance and value while providing flexibility. Even more, consumers are absolutely in love with video content.

If you aren’t convinced of the benefits of going for a video marketing strategy, here are a few verified projections that are or will become the norm in just a couple of years:

  • Mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year and will continue to do so for at least a decade.
  • 60% of executives looking for a business partnership would rather watch a video than read an article or post.
  • Already, almost 90% of the current consumers rely on product videos to help them in making a purchase decision.
  • Close to 90% of all online marketers will rely on video content for their marketing strategies by 2019.

Still not sold on this whole video marketing thing for your small business? Here are 4 more reasons why video marketing is the most demanded form of marketing and will only continue to grow:

Video is universal

A responsive design is an absolute must, given the fierce competition in the marketing world. We get a lot of questions from webmasters on which elements to use in order to perform well on all screens. However, the answer is not that simple.

Sure, certain elements perform better than others, but one surefire way to prevent your business from losing traffic and conversions due to a limited responsive design is to deploy a lot of video content. Video is better than any other format mainly because it performs just as well on all device types, regardless of the screen size.

Social media is in love with video

People aren’t as willing to share content on social media as they were just years ago. Unless we’re talking about video content. Over 90% of users feel the need to share a good video with other people. This statistic is miles away from any other share rate of the other types of content marketing.

But perhaps even more impressing is the fact that videos are shared about 1,200% more than text and videos combined. Because of this, and because of many other reasons, video content is a wonderful tool that should be used by any brand looking to broaden its reach.

One of the best ways to raise your brand awareness

If you want people to remember your brand, video marketing will help you do it. Because it’s so auditory and visual, consumers are much more likely to remember your brand from a video marketing ad than from text-based content.

Brand recall (brand awareness) is a thing that many small business owners neglect. But as more people are remembering your brand, you’ll eventually see a boost in sales and leads. And in today’s marketing landscape, you can’t do better in raising your brand awareness than deploying a solid video marketing campaign.

Boosting your on-site SEO

Besides raising your brand’s awareness, a good video marketing strategy can also boost your website’s SEO. A video that is both relevant and of quality will drive a targeted audience to your website. And as Google sees that searchers are specifically looking for your website, your website authority will receive a huge boost. Even more, video marketing can also help you improve your conversion rates because consumers tend to have more trust in branded videos.

Video marketing will slowly eliminate (or at least strip of relevancy) all the other content formats simply because is simple, accessible and has a palpable impact on every type of audience.

Have you started getting into video marketing? If you did, let us know your results in the comment section below.