You don’t need to be an expert to figure out that video marketing is the most efficient form of content marketing. Let’s face it, you can’t really beat a format that is easy to digest, extremely engaging and very easy to share. In fact, video is expected to drive close to 80% of the total internet traffic by 2020.

A lot of hoteliers are apparently ignoring video content as a promotion tool. This is highly unfortunate since it has the potential to transform a lot of viewers into bookers.

Everything the consumer does nowadays is relying heavily on technology and travelers are no different. Did you know that 2 out of 3 US residents are relying on online videos to research future vacation destinations? With this information in mind, can you really afford to ignore video marketing?

Attracting travelers during the research stage is crucial for hoteliers and is often times the difference between a fully booked hotel and an empty one. Even if you’re working with a limited budget, it makes sense to include video in your marketing efforts. At least test it out at first, you don’t have to pour the whole marketing budget into it.

To boost your chances of attracting more visitors to your hotel, here’s a list of tested video marketing strategies that will help you create a better advertising video for your establishment.

Research, research, research

Ordering a promotion video without a plan is a sure way plan of wasting a perfectly good marketing strategy for hotels. You need to be methodical and plan your video marketing strategy with months in advance.

Because you’re into a seasonal business, you need to set up your video marketing strategy a few months before the start of the holiday season.

You need to pay attention to what travel topics are currently trending (related to your area of operations) and incorporate them into your video marketing campaign. Once you get the general idea of what the tourists search for, decide on the ideal release date of the video. This is an important decision that confuses a lot of customers that have worked with us.

Do you launch right before the start of the holiday season? Do you launch a few months before to allow potential customers to make the right plans? Or do you launch during the holiday season to steal away the undecided? – This is a critical decision that must be backed by research.

Every hotel or hostel business has its own target client. Research the behavior of your customer persona and study your previous year reports. This will provide you with valuable information about the predominant client behavior. Which dates were the most crowded? Did most of your customers made reservations with months in advance or made them on the spot?

By taking the time to research your customers’ behavior you’ll be able to make an informed decision regarding the launch date of your video marketing strategy for your hotel.

If you have the time, watch the video below. It contains some pretty interesting advice & statistics about creating engaging video content marketing.

Follow some type of structure for your video content

Once you got the launching date set up, let’s make sure that the content is top notch. Video marketing for hotels is a little different than using video marketing to advertise other business niches. To make it easier for you, here’s a list of things that you can incorporate into your video to attract new customers to your hotel (or motel):

  • Include footage from the previous holiday season that portrays how fun and successful it was.
  • Go for visual appeal and include artistic shots of your hotel rooms and hallways.
  • Consider collaborating with neighboring bars and clubs and include their establishments to show the many choices around the hotel.
  • Go for shots that manage to showcase the festive atmosphere. These kinds of shots are known to trigger a sense of holiday excitement among viewers, which boosts your chances of converting.

The video below is a perfect example of everything that we just pointed out.

Creating emotion

Even if the video is such a successful medium, not all quality videos are successful in engaging large audience masses or triggering the desired actions. Ever wondered why this happens?

Because video is such a popular format, creating visually appealing clip is not enough anymore. If you want to draw the traveler toward your establishment, you need some kind of story or message that will create some kind of emotion.

Most vacations plans originate from strong emotions – travelers rarely decide on the accommodation based on purely rational reasons. If you want conversions, you need to convey some kind of story or instill something in the viewer.

Focus on mobile

Keep in mind that mobile traffic has already surpassed the desktop medium. Because mobile is already the world’s most viewed screen type, you should tailor your hotel marketing video to catch the attention of mobile travelers.

The attention span of mobile viewers is shorter than on desktop, so try to keep your promotional video as short and as packed as possible.

Watch the video down below for some insight on mobile trends and their applicability on video marketing.

Publish on every platform that matters

Several years ago, different video-sharing platforms had very different audiences. While this is still true to some degree, the list of viable platforms capable of getting your video to the right audience has gotten a lot smaller. Basically, you only have two choices – YouTube and Facebook.

While both platforms have their particularities, we strongly suggest that you publish your marketing video on both (Facebook and Youtube). The reason for this is that each tech giant will reward you for publishing on their platform. Although this will never be admitted by Google, their search engine clearly ranks YouTube videos higher than other videos from the competition (hosted on Facebook native or Vimeo).

The same goes for Facebook. Although Facebook executives have denied it on a couple of occasions, it’s pretty clear that Facebook native videos have a higher organic reach than YouTube videos shared on Facebook.


The biggest platform out of the bunch. It’s free and it’s owned by Google – publishing a video on Youtube will also show up in Google’s search results. Furthermore, YouTube videos are extremely easy to embed on virtually any type of website.

However, the competition is stiff. Youtube has over a billion users worldwide and there’s plenty of content for all of them. But with the right social media promotion strategies, every video has its chance of going viral on Youtube.


Facebook’s native video feature is relatively new but has already established itself as the second largest video platform. Because it’s much younger than Youtube, there’s not as much competition yet. This theoretically boosts your chances making it into the Trending list.

Obviously, Facebook native videos have a higher organic reach than other YouTube videos shared on Facebook.

Social media is your friend

Don’t just publish your video to be done with it. Use every social media tool at your disposal to make sure it reaches prospective guests.

Instead of re-sharing the posts over and over on your social media channels, create a 3 to 10-second “sneak peeks” of the video and share it on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. This serves the purpose of leaving a lot of questions for the users, tempting him/her to click the link to the full video in the description.


We genuinely hope that the video marketing tips featured above will get your hotel (motel) to crush the competition. If you’re looking for additional inspiration about which elements to include in your marketing video, here’s a collection of great video marketing clips for hotels & motels: