SEO is all about adaptability. Sure, each marketer has it’s own tips and tricks when planning the search optimization strategy, but we all want the same thing: to rank on the first page. Google’s algorithm is constantly changing to enhance the user experience and prevent black hat SEO tactics from becoming the norm. And so should your strategy, if you want a higher search ranking.

Although the algorithm behind the search results is top secret, Google has always given subtle ranking signals whenever the algorithm was adjusted in a significant way. But you wouldn’t notice them if you didn’t know where to look. A good place for algorithm changes hints is Google’s Webmaster Central Blog.

But just in case you don’t have the time to filter clues like a modern-day Sherlock, we created a shortlist of old and new SEO strategies that are killing it in 2018.

Research search intent

Unless you own a luck charm, making big bucks out of organic traffic is not possible unless you know the users’ search intent. The key to understanding your target searchers intent is to dive into your Analytics software and see what are your users looking for.

search terms - Top SEO Strategies for a Higher Search Ranking in 2018

Check the site search (search terms) metric to understand what the users want from your site. Even more, see if they are able to find what they seek. And if they don’t, create the appropriate content to keep them coming back.

Do your keyword homework 

Sure, keywords are not nearly as important as they used to be, but they can still provide valuable insight regarding the type of content that you need to create for your users.

seo keywords search - Top SEO Strategies for a Higher Search Ranking in 2018

If you know which SEO tools to use, you can uncover low-competition keywords with high click-through rates that will boost your revenue significantly.

High-quality Content is still the norm

You are probably sick of hearing this by now, but no SEO tactic is effective if not supported by the content. Sure, creating content with no real value might get you somewhere for a short while, but trust me, all those fillers will eventually come back and hurt your ranking.

Google’s algorithm is very smart when determining if your content is top notch. By analyzing metrics like time on page and bounce rate, it’s very able into figuring out if the content is first-page worthy or not.

Loading speed is even more important

If you didn’t know, Google recently announced that page speed will be an important ranking factor on mobile search starting with July 2018.

seo strategies page speed optimization - Top SEO Strategies for a Higher Search Ranking in 2018

People want their answers and they want them quick — this is even truer when talking about mobile users. Google has done extensive studies on this subject and is determined to give the people what they want. If you were never interested in your page speed, now is the time to get into it. Use this Google tool and see what needs to be adjusted.

Optimize for voice search

You are probably aware that voice search is rapidly gaining market share. This presents a wonderful opportunity for those able enough to take advantage of this new technology.

Voice search optimization is still young, so there are very little resources on this subject. However, keep in mind that most keywords used in the voice search world are long-tail and long-talil+. In order to optimize for mobile search, you need to go for conversational phrases instead of focused keywords. If you’re interested in this, check out the video below for more information about implementing conversational search in your SEO game.