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This is a question that is on the mind of a lot of small business owners. Now, there is no advertising budget that is suitable for every business. All business merchants do not hope to achieve the same thing from marketing, therefore, what you hope to achieve from advertising is nearly as important as the amount you hope to spend on advertising. A business that hopes to get by simply by catering for the needs of people in its community will spend less on advertising compared to a local company that hopes to take its business international

Advertising online would cost you quite a fortune but expect to see a return on investment in a few months. Below is list of online marketing strategy and how much they cost.

  • Search Engine Optimization costs between $500 & $5000 monthly
  • Pay per click advertising costs between $1 & $2 per click
  • Email marketing costs between $100 & $300 per month plus setup fees
  • Content marketing costs between $100 & $300 per month


Last Edited On March 08, 2018