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Getting website traffic is what every business owner and webmaster wants. Traffic is the main element of making sales online. Of course it also matters the quality of the traffic, not just the quantity – but traffic it is a very important factor.

The easiest way to get traffic for your website is to use Facebook.

Depending on the niche of your website, you must search for the most appropriate Facebook Groups.

In order for this to work, make sure that you really have valuable content on your blog and a good working website.

If you have a blog about “baby toys reviews”, you can search on Facebook groups with mother, mom’s, mom’s to be and so on.

After you get approved, all you need to do is share one of your article on that group and ask a questions related to the content of the article.

Before doing that you can also comment on some other posts. Don’t be spammy, don’t post short and useless comments. Try to really help the group/community!

This should get at least a few hundreds visitors every day, or even thousands if the group is big and you make some buzz with your post.


Last Edited On March 08, 2018