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Ranking a small business on Google can be hard if there’s a big competition. And it also depends on the city you’re trying to rank. On big cities the competition is hard, but it’s possible.

In order to take a huge first step in order to get higher rankings on Google, you must create a Google My Business page.

It takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete all the information asked, but then you will find your business beautifully displayed directly on the Google page search results.

This is a huge advantage, because people will have all of your details on the search page. Also, the phone number is available to call the business. You can see above an example:


small business rank higher local 1024x549 - Create A Google My Business Page For A Good Local Ranking


Make sure you create this page. It’s very important and you’ll see all the benefits in a short period of time.


Last Edited On March 08, 2018