Staying up to date with the latest news is critical, regardless of the niche you’re operating in. And this is not only true for small businesses. It also applies to customers. While small business owners want more exposure for their brand, customers from a particular niche need a one-stop shop that can keep them supplied with products/services and keep them informed of the latest developments.

What if I told you there’s a way to leverage the news aspect on one side, and your website traffic on the other? By integrating a news section into your business website, you’ll be able to attract more website traffic and consequently acquire more customers.

Fragmentation works to your advantage

You might think that it’s a waste of time to invest time into news articles, considering the absurd amount of online publications. The good news is the internet is filled with so many different channels from which a reader can access news from a particular niche.

Because of this news fragmentation, small businesses still have the opportunity to use news content in order to attract new visitors from search. As of now, there are still two news mediums that are worth pursuing by small-to-medium businesses: search engines and social media. 

News content on search engines

If you take a look at the latest Google Trendsit becomes pretty clear that News and Events are a pretty big deal for Google. In fact, it’s so important that Google already includes news items directly in the search results.

Whether you’re just building a website with the plan of selling it in future or you are only doing to consolidate your business, getting accepted into Google News will raise your website value exponentially.

boost website traffic with news content - How to Increase Your Business Website Traffic with News Articles

Traffic from search is a valuable commodity and news articles can be a huge source of inbound traffic. Even more, news related traffic is even more valuable because the visitors are usually hyper-targeted to a particular niche. 

News content on social media

The other acceptable medium to grow your website traffic is on social media. However, people treat the news on social media differently than news items on search engines.

On Google and Yahoo, people are searching for a specific event. Social media can turn out to be a valuable source of inbound traffic because visitors end up on a particular link after seeing a mention and finding interest in it.

Attracting relevant traffic to your website

The news is, by nature, centered around a particular topic (carpeting, finance, events, etc.) or location (Paris, London, Dublin, etc.). Because of this, releasing news content on your business blog on a particular niche or location will naturally attract visitors with the same interests.

To put this into perspective, let’s imagine you own a dental clinic in Boston. One way to increase the traffic of your business website is to produce news articles that cover dentistry aspects. You can do even better by deploying local SEO tactics that will help you attract a local audience.

By producing news articles centered around your niche and your location of operations, you’ll start attracting local people that are directly interested in what you have to offer.

Way better than paid advertising

Sure, releasing news-type articles will take you some time, but it’s arguably better than running an ad on local mediums like a local newspaper. But regardless of the platform, your ad will not be the only one out there. This means that the page view equity will be shared with many other advertisers, which is not good for your business.

However, you can totally eliminate the competition out of the equation by producing news articles on your own blog (which resides within your own website). No competing ads mean that you will be able to capture 100% brand equity from every visitor.