Local marketing isn’t just about using location-specific keywords on the products or services offered by your business. If you want your small business to benefit from a local marketing campaign, you need to take a more targeted approach with your local audience from a broad perspective.

In order to dominate the local market, you need to consider strategies that will encourage word of mouth and organic reviews. Sure, it’s easy for me to ramble about ideal marketing initiatives, but the average small business owner doesn’t have the budget nor the time to experiment and see which tactics are actually effective to a particular business.

To make things easier, we tried to boil it all down to the most fundamental local marketing efforts that are usually effective to every local business, regardless of the niche. The beauty of these marketing suggestions is you can implement all of them even if you don’t have the resources of a national company.

Take your business to every local event

If you conduct your business in a small-to-medium town, local events are essential. Every town gathering brings together an excellent selection of people with diverse backgrounds and interests. Needless to say, your business needs to be there.

Look at these gatherings as opportunities to allow potential clients and partners to familiarise themselves with your business and get to know your brand on a more personal level. If the organizers are reluctant to include your business, offer a giveaway or anything that might prove enticing to them.

If you’re having trouble finding local events in your area, take the initiative yourself. Start by hosting intimate events and use them to invite local influencers that might help your business grow.

Create a loyalty marketing program

Loyalty marketing is getting a lot of attention from marketers for good reason, so you should use it to your advantage. Loyalty marketing is not only effective in helping you acquire new clients, but it’s also an immense help in nurturing current clients and drive more sales from them.

Similar to email marketing, loyalty marketing is all about building a database of customers and then use it to grow and retain your client list using various incentives. An effective loyalty program will convince your most loyal customers to return and spend more on each visit.

Watch the video down below for some incredible insight into customer loyalty programmes:

Use the hyper-local keywords

Hyper-local keywords are an absolute bliss for small business owners when used effectively. If you conduct most of your business with a local audience, it makes sense to create location-specific pages and posts. You can then complement those pages with more expansive and regional keywords.

If you’re confused about finding hyper-local keywords, here’s a great tutorial on identifying and using them to dominate the Local SEO realm.

Cultivate your customers on social media

Every potential customer is on social media, so make sure you make the necessary adjustments in order to engage with them. But engaging with the locals on social media does not mean pushing for a hard sell. Instead, you should use social media to start meaningful relationships with your local consumers.

Hyper-local keywords can also be used on social media in hashtags, bios, and posts. But keep in mind that all your efforts should be concentrated on encouraging your customers to say something positive about your business. You can transform your social media pages into reliable customer service platforms. This will help you create genuine engagements and increase the awareness of your business brand.

Build a solid selection of local testimonials

Local testimonials are invaluable is you mostly work with a localized audience. Almost 80% of customers report that they rely heavily on online reviews right before making the final purchase.

Keep in mind that it’s not enough to feature a testimonial section on your website in which you showcase random individuals that appear to be happy about your products/services. If you want to do it right, collaborate with local influencers and convince them to say positive things about your business on their own channels. When you make your testimonials look and feel genuine, you will eventually start driving more sales towards your business.

Now that you know our shortlist, let us know yours. Are there any other local marketing strategies that you deployed in order to drive more sales towards your business? Let us know in the comment section below.