If you rely on Facebook to reach new customers, the start of 2018 might have hit you like a bombshell. While everyone was still sticking with their New Year’s resolution, Facebook’s CEO spoiled every business owner’s mood by publishing a formal statement, announcing what is largely perceived as “the death of organic reach on Facebook“. Whether you expected Facebook’s algorithm change or not, it’s already a done deal.

If you were paying attention, you probably noticed that the organic reach for Facebook pages was continually decreasing for the past couple of years. Facebook has been preparing this moment for years, with subtle adjustments and tweaks. All of those were leading towards this moment.

What do these changes mean?

All these algorithm adjustments will ultimately lead to the prioritization of family, friends and group posts in the News Feed. As you can imagine, this translates into a smaller organic reach for brands and businesses whose posts have just a few comments. If you’re under the impression that small businesses are most affected by this changes, you are perfectly right.

It was already hard to get the word out about your brand on Facebook without spending money on ads, and it just got 10x harder.

But Why?

The official reason for these changes is the user feedback. If we were to believe it, this decision was made after the leadership noticed how posts from friends and family were replaced by content from brands and businesses in the News FeedSupposedly, this was all done in order to help people feel “more connected and less lonely” on Facebook.

However, there’s a lot of speculation that this is just an excuse for pressuring businesses that enjoyed a solid organic reach into buying ads. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. Even more, Facebook is under a lot of pressure to curb the whole fake news phenomenon, and it seems like these changes will make it harder to propagate fake news posts.

Get your credit card out

As of now, unless you decide to pour money into Facebook ads, it will be nearly impossible to get your content to the right people. Until someone discovers a magical marketing strategy to increase organic post reach, Facebook will continue to be an uphill battle for all small businesses that aren’t working with a big advertising budget. At least until the next algorithm change.

Good News for Influencers

But behind this angry mob that is losing money due to the latest algorithm adjustments, there is one category that is bound to thrive. Influencers will be a valuable commodity for businesses in the years to come.

facebook new algorithm changes influencers - How Facebook's News Feed Change is Impacting Small Businesses

This isn’t exactly news, as almost 70% of online consumers are not exactly fond of ads. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to find a credible influencer within your niche to help drive clients your way. With the newest Facebook algorithm adjustments, a good influencer is one of the few things still able to keep the organic visibility of your business alive.

Seize the moment

But let’s not dwell on it for too long. This change is not the first and it certainly won’t be the last that Facebook operates. The good news is that the trend is now clear for everyone – organic reach for businesses is effectively dead on Facebook. Use this knowledge to nurture influencers and focus on reaching your audience through other channels. Anything you can do to get your products out there.

How are you feeling about the latest Facebook changes? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.