Google is keen on helping advertisers struggling to reach more people in the mobile realm. The latest AdWords enhancement is a brand new video format that is set to drastically extend the reach of video campaigns.

As users spend more and more time interacting with their mobile devices, this new AdWords video format promises to expand the reach of video ads in Google’s sphere. Until now, hands-on business owners and advertisers had little other choices beyond Youtube if they were keen on doing video marketing with Google.

hk new cropped - Google Enhances AdWords with a New Outstream Video Format for Mobile

Google’s focus on video ads is obvious since video marketing is currently the most effective form of online marketing. But keep in mind that this new video format is released only on mobile and will be featured on apps and mobile browsers.

A limited number of advertisers have already begun testing the new outstream video ad format released by Adwords. Here’s what Tina Chao, General Marketing Manager had to say about it:

“To build awareness for Hong Kong as a travel destination, the Hong Kong Tourism Board used outstream video ads to reach a broad set of potential travelers across Asia. Outstream video ads delivered strong results for our global brand campaign: 30% incremental reach with a 40% lower cost per completed video view and 85% lower CPM.”

Similar to Facebook’s approach, the outstream video ads will automatically begin playing once the user scrolls into the video, but the sound will stay off until the user decides otherwise – tapping the ad will turn the sound on. Even more, the users will have the ability to restart the ad if they want to see it again before clicking the call-to-action button.

If all things go according to plan, this new outstream video ad format is great news for small business owners looking for a cost-effective way to reach more customers. Google announced that the advertisers will be charged based on a viewable CPM, meaning they’ll only pay for an impression when the ad is properly on screen and viewable.

If you’re interested in advertising with the new video format released by Google, you can check out the Adwords Help Center for more information about including outstream video ads in your marketing campaigns.