The battle from supremacy among hotel businesses is no longer local. Hotel and hostel business owners are slowly beginning to acknowledge the importance of online marketing in the hospitality industry.

In an attempt to help the advertisers help owners and advertisers to do a better job at managing their hotel ads, Google Ads (former Google AdWords) has launched a new hotel campaign type.

Google continues to show interest in accommodating hotel advertisers. Remember that back in 2010, Google Maps was one of the first location-based services that included sponsored hotel prices. Later on, Google encouraged the presence of hotel advertisers by expanding sponsored hotel prices to Google search results.

Google’s latest addition is Hotel Campaigns – a collection of new options meant to offer a huge array of options to hotel advertisers.

hotel campaigns - Google Ads to Launch New Campaign Type for Hotels

Hotel Campaigns is universally praised

By taking to people who are actually involved with Google Hotel Ads, we understand that change is universally hailed as a good addition. Hotel ads grew to a point where advertisers needed a more effective way to manage their ads.

Google has already tested this new feature with a couple of alpha testers and the results are more than promising:

As the largest travel agent in Latin America we’re focused on getting interested online leads to our site and Google Hotel ads have been a great channel for us thus far. As an alpha tester, we’re excited by the promise of Hotel ads in Google Ads. We think it’ll help us save time, scale our efforts and started to move more of our hotel inventory to the new Hotel campaign type.”

– Andrés Patetta, Chief Marketing Officer,

If you’re curious about the benefits offered by the new Hotel Campaigns feature, here’s the quick rundown:

  • Smart bidding: Machine learning algorithm that will maximize your return on investment (ROI).
  • Robust bidding controls: You will be able to optimize for different bidding dimensions according to your hotel persona, check-in day and traveler’s length of stay.
  • Rich reporting: An entire plethora of new responsive interfaces inside the newly redesigned Google Ads.
  • Hotel groups: If you manage multiple campaigns, you can organize your establishments based on key attributes like class and brand.

Unfortunately, if you’re eager to start using the new Hotel Ads interface, you’ll have to arm yourself with patience. Hotel Campaigns will only launch as an open beta for advertisers (integrated into Hotel Ads) later this year. Once Google is confident enough, it will begin replacing the existing Hotel Ads Center with the new interface.

You can check out the full Google announcement here. If you are interested in boosting the online marketing performance of your hotel or hostel business, check out our definitive guide on creating a killer video marketing strategy for hotels & motels.