After it’s initial launch in June 2017 for North America, Germany, UK, Australia and New Zealand, Google’s Funding Choices is now arriving in 31 more countries around the world.

funding choices example - Google Launches 'Funding Choices' in 31 More Countries

If you’re actively looking for ways to stop the declining ad revenue from your website, Funding Choices might just be your caped hero. Ad-blockers are an absolute nightmare for site owners that are relying heavily on ads. Ad-blocker usage has increased to a staggering 30% by the start of 2018. If you’re a publisher, trust me, you don’t want to see the projections for the next couple of years.

What is Funding Choices?

Google’s solution to the declining revenue of web publishers is as basic as possible: Asking users to turn those revenue-eating thingies off. If that’s not enough, there’s also the option of blocking the content until they comply.

Funding Choices is part of Google’s “Coalition for Better Ads“. If you haven’t heard of this before, the program is aimed at helping publishers to recover some of the revenue lost due to ad-blockers and includes several other tools and guidelines.

Basically, the Funding Choices tool allows a publisher to display one of the following types of messages to any site visitor that is actively using an ad blocker:

  • A closable pop-up that doesn’t restrict the access to the content featured on the site.
  • A closable pop-up that can be programmed to limit the number of monthly views/interactions allowed for a particular visitor. The exact number can be determined by the site’s owner.
  • A non-closable pop-up that prevents the user from viewing or interacting with the content unless the visitor sees the ads or decides to invest in subscription through Google Contributor.

funding choices example 2 - Google Launches 'Funding Choices' in 31 More Countries

Simple works

Sure, ad blockers are improving the browsing experience for a lot of users. But because they block all ads from all sites, site owners with good reputations are finding it hard to maintain an honest business.

Many publishers see Funding Choices as a beacon of hope. Google reported that in March alone, more than 4.5 million users that visited sites enlisted in the Funding Choices program said Yes, which resulted in over 90 million additional page views that actually earned revenue.

Overall, Google reports that publishers that started using Funding Choices since it’s testing period experienced an average of 16% increase in users that allowed ads. Some of them boast with a positive response rate close to 40%. But I guess it all depends on how loyal your audience really is.

If you’re interested in Funding Choices and it’s availability in your country, consult Google’s Funding Choices Help page for more information.