Marketingoo came to light because I felt it was time to share my knowledge with more people. I got together with a few of my closest collaborators within this niche an started going at it. My name is Sebastian and I’ve been doing online marketing for more than 12 years.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve been doing everything from Social Media to WordPress, and back to Affiliate Marketing – well, almost everything. All my work and personal projects included or touched virtually every field of online marketing and World Wide Web.

I will never pretend to be an expert – I’m far from it. But I will do my best to share as much information as I can, and my colleagues will do the same. All of us are quality freaks, so you won’t find any filler content on this website.

Although it might seem like it sometimes, English is not the native language for any of us. Please pardon our interpretation mistakes and try to look past the occasional grammar error.

You’ll mainly find posts regarding the next following topics:

  • Social Media

  • Video Marketing

  • Local Marketing

  • SEO

  • Website Traffic

Everything you learn here can be applied to your business, with a high chance of making it more successful. Apply the knowledge acquired from here Today. Saying “I will do it first thing tomorrow” will not get you anywhere.

If you ever have any question please see my contact page.