Although a strong online following does not necessarily mean that your small business will be successful, it’s certainly a contributing factor. Keep in mind that the follower count is by no means an indicator of the value of the social media account. But if you manage to attract quality social media followers, it will eventually affect your business operations – in a good way.

But how do you attract quality followers on social media? If you don’t have a digital marketer at your side, it’s quite hard to distinguish solid social media strategies from outdated tactics that might end up hurting your business instead of boosting your social media account.

If you’re having trouble attracting a new audience for your brand’s social media account, here are some tips to get inspired.

Become an informer

No matter how consistent you are with social media, it’s not going to get you anywhere if you don’t post anything meaningful. A recent study on social media found that informers average two times more followers on social media than meformers.

If you’re confused about those two terms, let me make it clearer:

  • Meformer: A social media user that posts updates about themselves or their brand.
  • Informer: A social media user that posts valuable informational posts that are actually of use for the follower.

Even if you want to boost the social following of a brand’s account, sharing information is always more effective than sharing stuff about yourself or your business. Of course, you’ll eventually need to post something specific to your business (like new products and operation updates) but try to mix those two post types up.

Share/Retweet external content from other brands

A successful social media campaign requires you to post content regularly. But the thing is, quality content will require you to break away from the day-to-day operations of your business and dedicate a few hours daily for your social media effort.

A great compromise is to share or repost content from influencers and brands that are somehow connected with your business niche. Of course, don’t go stealing other people’s content thinking you’re going to get away with it.

gain more social media followers reshare retweet - 6 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers for Your Small Business

Whenever you run out of stuff to post, share or retweet meaningful content that is already gaining traction on social media. In addition to helping you build a solid online following, this might also open some networking doors with other brands and influencers.

Posts giveaways, contests, and special offers

Almost all of the tips featured in this article will produce results in the long run. But if you want quick results, contests and discounts are the way to do it.

gain more social media followers giveaway contests - 6 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers for Your Small Business

A research study conducted on the UK residents active on social media revealed that over 50% of them follow a particular brand in order to keep a lookout for special offers and promotions. With this in mind, start giving things away if you want the online following of your business to grow. Followers love giveaways and discounts, so encourage them to engage with your posts and spread the world in their influence circle.

Become active in social communities

Most social media giants are moving towards inhibiting organic reach (see Facebook’s algorithm adjustment), but you can still gain new followers without buying them.

Every major social media website has some kind of social community feature. While LinkedIn and Facebook are calling them groups, Twitter has a feature called tweet chats. Use those features to gain entry into popular groups that fit your business niche and start courting new followers.

gain more social media followers groups tweet chatspng - 6 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers for Your Small Business

But keep in mind that spamming won’t get you anywhere. Try to remain active and alternate your business related posts with helpful responses to other people’s threads.

Go for paid ads

Another quick way to boost your social following quickly is to go for a paid ad campaign. The key to attracting new followers through paid ads is to avoid making your post seem to salesy. A post that encourages the user to engage is always more efficient than a boring self-promotion post.

gain more social media followers paid ads - 6 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers for Your Small Business

Regardless of your business niche, try to create an ad that is essentially a blend of authentic and promotional. Oh, and don’t forget to include an engagement-oriented call to action button like Sign Up or Learn More.

Consistency is key

I know you probably read this a hundred times, but social media requires a good posting frequency. A regular posting ethic is essential if you don’t want your brand to be forgotten.

While other successful social media strategies might come and go, consistency will always be a decisive factor when it comes to gaining new followers.