Online marketing groups and forums are filled with users (particularly small business owners) still trying to make it with outdated social media tactics that stopped working several years ago. But I don’t blame them. I know how hard it is to manage the day-to-day operations of your business while worrying about your marketing campaign. 

The thing is, it’s tempting to automate the most time-consuming aspects of your social media campaign, but this can make you lose a lot of potential customers. A better approach would be to stop investing time in those tactics that no longer work and focus on those that are actually getting conversions.

If you’re having trouble distinguishing between good and bad social media strategies, here’s a list of social media tactics that you should immediately stop doing.

Using automated pitches

I hate automated pitches, and I started hating them a long time ago. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, an automated pitch is a proposition-type message that immediately lands in your inbox after you hit Connect/Friend Request/Follow.

old social media strategies that dont work automated pitches - 5 Old Social Media Tactics that No Longer Work

The problem with these pitches is that they are severely impersonal and cold. Whenever I get these, I just get mad at the person I’ve just connected with for not taking the time to write me a personalized message. And I’m sure most of you feel the same way.

Social media is about building relationships and getting real engagement, and this tactic will get you the opposite. Instead of sending an automated pitch to everyone that connects with you, focus on those individuals that can help your business grow and take the time to write them a personalized business proposition.

Getting followers by following everyone

This social media tactic is omnipresent, especially on Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m sure that some users might still get fooled by this tactic, but that list is getting shorter by the minute.

old social media strategies that dont work mass following - 5 Old Social Media Tactics that No Longer Work

But trust me, doing this will only pave the way for a minimal engagement per-post. This is not something you want, especially down the road if you decide to start networking on social media.

Instead of doing this, focus on getting social media followers via white hat practices. Sure, your followers will be in smaller numbers, but you’ll have a solid post engagement and a relevant news feed.

Faking social activity with auto-engagement bots

Using auto-engagement bots is a back hat social media tactic that uses scripts to automatically reshare and like posts of accounts that you follow.

Although the aim is to fake interest in a certain area in order to boost your visibility, I’ve seen this tactic fail miserably countless times. The problem with these auto-engagement bots is that is that they are extremely easy to detect. Trust me, this can backfire rather quickly and damage your credibility and the reputation of your business.

Forcing shares from influencers by mentioning or tagging them 

Seriously, don’t do this anymore. Influencers (even micro-influencers) are very aware of their power and will not do anything for free. In the early days of social media, quoting an influencer or mentioning him/her in a post will usually earn you a reshare. But this is no longer applicable.

Nowadays, doing this without establishing a collaboration agreement will close the door of that influencer for good. See, the thing is influencers are extremely important now that the social media organic reach is getting lower by the minute. Instead of enticing them with something, you’re essentially begging for free visibility – and that’s not good for any type of business.

Focusing on text and image posts

Even though text and image posts can still drive engagement, they won’t come anywhere near the reach of a social video. Video is close to swallowing up 70% of all social media traffic, so ignoring video posts is no longer acceptable if you want to succeed.

Of course, not every post can be turned into a video, but most posts can be. I’m not saying you should create a video for every post – that would be a waste of time. Instead, create video content for posts that have real potential to drive user engagement and conversions.

Now that you know the tactics that should be avoided when promoting your business on social media, let us know your thoughts on this subject. Have you had any spectacular fails while using an outdated social media tactic? Let us know in the comment section below.