Whether you’re struggling to get more local customers or you have extra supplies lying around in your office, there are a number of apps that will allow you to sell them with minimal effort. Both the App Store (iOS) and the Play Store (Android) have a solid lineup of apps that will help you to sell your stuff locally.

Most of this app will make it a breeze to post listings quickly and some of them even offer free shipping services if you have customers outside your area. Of course, some apps are better than others, but we made a list with the absolute best so you don’t have to experiment.

Best Apps to Sell Stuff Locally


Etsy is a perfect choice if your business is about selling handmade or vintage products. Besides the global listing, the platform also offers the ability to post local search listings which will be visible only to people in your area. Etsy’s mobile app is available on App Store and on Google Play.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is part of the Facebook app and is probably the best local selling platform if you’re looking for the best possible exposure. Although no payment option is offered through Marketplace, you have the best chance of finding buyers, regardless of where you live.


LetGo is one of the most popular local selling apps, and rightfully so. The app is extremely easy to use as you can post a listing in under one minute. Potential buyers can contact you through the built-in chat feature and the payment is up to you and the buyer. LetGO is available for iOS and Android.

eBay mobile

While eBay is largely perceived as a global market, you can also use it to post local listings where you meet with the buyer in person. Giving the large number of traffic that eBay has, a small business can gain significant exposure by listing some products.

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A common tactic is to offer free local delivery within a certain radius. The eBay selling app can be downloaded for Android or iOS.


OfferUp is yet another local selling app that is especially popular in the US. The platform doesn’t offer payment support, meaning that you have to take care of that yourself. Most people that sell stuff through OfferUp agree on a place to meet up and the payment is made in cash at the meeting point. The app is available for iOS and Android.


5miles is yet another app that is popular in the US. There are a lot of small businesses that use 5mile to acquire additional customers in their area. Integration with Facebook and Twitter is great, allowing you to share your listings as soon as you post new stuff. 5miles is available on iOS and Android.


Shpock is mainly targeted towards sellers and buyers that are dealing with beautiful and artistic used things. They recently implemented a payment system that allows you to pay and receive money via PayPal. The basic version of Shpock is free, but you can opt for a premium membership if you want to get rid of ads and the ability to add more photos. Shpock is available for Android and iOS.


VarageSale is all about neighborhood selling. You can log in with your Facebook profile and list stuff that will become visible to people in your area in a matter of seconds. Of course, the usability of this app is dependable of how large your city or town is. VarageSale is available on Android an iOS.


The Trove app is mainly used by people that are either buying or selling furniture. However, a lot of carpenters and other small business owners use this app to attract new local customers. Trove is available on Android and iOS.


The idea behind Carousell is to bring buyers and sellers together and encourage them to meet offline. Payment is not handled by Carousell, so if you’re looking for for an online payment method you’ll need to use an external service like PayPal. Carousell is available for iOS and Android.